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A Few Handmade Australian Gourmet Finger Foods You Can Try Out

Looking for some creatively made gourmet finger foods that you can try out at your next function or party? When it comes to gourmet condiments, there are probably thousands of ideas out there that you can try out. Some of the best quality ones are by Sticky Fingers - The Food Distributors. The company offers an exquisite and delectable range that will leave you licking your fingers. Here are some ideas from the WA gourmet finger foods maker that you can try:

Marinades Savoury Sauces

Traditionally, the marinades are applied in tenderizing and flavouring beef, poultry as well as sea foods before they are cooked. Another way to use them is in braising meat during the baking process or when you are frying or roasting the meat. Once the meat has been braised, wine or stock can be incorporated and then thickening and reducing it in order to create a truly tasty sauce. This can be served with various kinds of meals.

There are various kinds of marinade savoury sauce that you can have. These include the following:

·         Chimchirri: This delicious marinade sauce is for beef or lamb with some chilli and South American exotic spices added in.

·         Malay Satay: This flavour goes perfectly with chicken kebabs or prawn. You can create a kebab sauce out of this by mixing coconut oil with the marinade and then cooking it in order to reduce.

·         Moroccan spice: The Moroccan spice is perfect for barbecued chicken and lamb and even kebabs. This sauce can be served with some steaming couscous.

·         Peri Peri: Steaks are marinated and then seared on barbeque. To the left over marinate, some red wine is added and the mixture is then boiled in order to reduce. It is then thickened. Can be served with steak.

·         Sweet Thai Chilli: This can be served with seafood or chicken. It is an eclectic mixture of sesame seeds, various fragrant mixes and various flavours of chilli.

You can order your finger-licking good handmade gourmet marinades from Sticky Fingers – The Food Distributors.

Harissa Chilli Pastes

Chillis play an important role in various kinds of gourmet treats. Not only do they add some flavour to a bland taste but they cannot disguise a not so good smell. You can order various kinds of chilly sauces from Sticky Fingers – The Food Distributors – such as Jalapeño Harissa, Traditional Harissa and Nuclear Harissa. These can be quite hot so they should be used sparingly. They can be served over chicken or seafood.


Dukkahs are handmade in Western Australia by Sticky Fingers from a mixture of almonds, ground aromatic spices and roasted sesame seeds. The best use of them is as dry dips with foods such as Turkish bread, some crunchy rolls and even chicken tenderloins amongst others. They can also be used as coating for meats, pork, and meatballs amongst others.

There are various other kinds of gourmet finger foods that you can try in Australia. Some of the most creative and delicious are made in Western Australia by Sticky Fingers – The Food Distributors. Check them out at

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