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Buffet versus Sit-Down Dinner, the Dilemma of Choosing Wedding Catering Service

When you have finally chosen the catering Melbourne company for your special wedding, the next big question is what type of preparation should you choose for the big day? Well, you have two options; buffet or sit-down dinner. You have already listed down your sponsors, the songs you wish the band would play, your wedding gown, scout for the best possible reception, and of course, conceptualized the theme. One of the most crucial aspects you need to finalize in your wedding preparation is your food.
Food is easily one of the biggest attractions in wedding receptions. Guests will remember not just the love you and your partner share, the beauty of the flowers and the décor of your reception, but more importantly, the food you serve. And choosing the dishes you want to be served is not the only important decision you need; you also need to choose between buffet catering and sit-down. If you’re torn between these two, then here are the different factors you can consider, along with their pros and cons, to help yourself arrive with the best decision.
This is obviously the biggest factor in this list. Most Melbourne catering companies usually charge higher for the sit-down type. This is because they’ll need more manpower to cook and serve the food, and attend to the need of each of your guests. Obviously, the expenses for food attendants are passed to you – the client.
Buffet type, on the other hand, is much easier for the budget since it will not require the catering Melbourne to increase their manpower for your event.
Guest’s Food Choices 
Buffet obviously gives your guests more freedom to choose the variety of food they want to be on their plate/table. Caterers Melbourne companies will usually set up one or two long tables and arrange the food. Your guests can get as much food as they want, and choose only the food they want.
In sit-down, however, your guests will have no choice but to settle for the food being served to them by the attendants. This can be a challenge if a person doesn’t like the dish, or don’t want to eat a specific ingredient present on the plate.
Need for Socialization
If you want your wedding to be a chance for your guests to socialize, for your friends and families to catch up, then buffer-style offers more flexibility for socialization. This is because they have to stand up and serve themselves with other guests. Guests can walk around and talk to other people from other tables.
Sit-down setup, on the other hand, is more formal, limiting people from walking around. It’s the best setup for guests who don’t want to wait in line.
Your Wedding Theme
If the theme for your reception promotes casual atmosphere, then buffet is the perfect setup for you. Make sure you instruct your organizer to facilitate the function and assign ushers to assist your guests. Check out Essential Caterer.
Sit-down dinners, on the other hand, are perfect for more formal atmosphere, great for couples looking for the vibe of elegance on their wedding reception. Your chosen food catering Melbourne provider can work with your wedding coordinator on how to setup the food and blend it nicely with the décor.
Planning and preparing for your wedding is indeed stressful, but it’s a fun kind of stress that you will cherish in your marriage life. Do your homework in researching and choosing the best catering Melbourne provider that fits your budget, and the kind of wedding reception you want. For more details visit

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