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Health Benefits of Potatoes You Didn’t Know

A common food staple in most parts of the world, potatoes can take many forms when cooked: roasted, mashed, or baked. Their availability throughout the year makes them an important choice for family diet, commercial restaurants, and for various types of events throughout the world. This explains why many companies for catering such as Good Spuds give potatoes a top priority in their catering programs. Belonging to the same family as tomatoes, eggplants and peppers, potatoes are rich in calories. Nutritionists suggest that a cup of baked potato contains up to 161 calories.

History of potato

The original home of potatoes is the Andean Mountains of South America, where natives have been cultivating the crop for thousands of years. Potatoes are available in over 100 varieties, which are edible. They are also available in different sizes, shapes, color, flavor, and starch content. Potatoes are classified as mature or new. Mature potatoes are the large round variety that most people know. New varieties are often harvested before they mature fully. They are also smaller. The skin of potato may be brown, yellow, or red. Some varieties have smooth skins while others have rough covers.

The flesh of potato varies from yellow to white or deep violet. With their starchy flavor, potatoes offer several health benefits. They also provide fast food options especially in events, which is why many companies for outside catering such as Good Spuds use them. They are a suitable complement to many dishes.

Healthy preparation of potatoes

Like other foods, potatoes should undergo a healthy preparation before they can be consumed. Unfortunately, if used extra fat and deep-frying, such as in the case of French fries, potatoes can be a potential risk for heart diseases. On the other hand, when prepared under natural conditions such as oven baking without loading them with extra fat, melted cheese, or sour cream, potatoes are healthy, low in calorie, and rich in fiber. In the end, they protect the body from cardiovascular and cancer attacks.

A cheap source of antioxidants

Potatoes contain a variety of compounds such as carotenoids and unique tuber proteins that are suitable as antioxidants. By eating potatoes, you get the compounds from a natural source with no harm to your overall health.

Cell building potential

In addition to providing the body with antioxidants, potatoes are a good source of vitamin B6, which is active in more than 100 enzymatic reactions. These are helpful cell creation and function.

Brain cell activity

In addition to cell building, vitamin B6 also helps in the nervous system activity, especially in the brain. The compound, which is available in potatoes, helps in the creation of various types of neurotransmitters in the brain system. These are some of the potential health benefits of eating potatoes. In addition, potato is rich in compounds that are essential in cardiovascular protection, athletic performance, and more.

In conclusion, you may attend a party and see the inviting look of baked potato. Well, it is time to know that the mouth-watering finger food is also rich in health benefits. For additional information, Business name: Good Spuds.

Business Name: Good Spuds
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A Few Handmade Australian Gourmet Finger Foods You Can Try Out

Looking for some creatively made gourmet finger foods that you can try out at your next function or party? When it comes to gourmet condiments, there are probably thousands of ideas out there that you can try out. Some of the best quality ones are by Sticky Fingers - The Food Distributors. The company offers an exquisite and delectable range that will leave you licking your fingers. Here are some ideas from the WA gourmet finger foods maker that you can try:

Marinades Savoury Sauces

Traditionally, the marinades are applied in tenderizing and flavouring beef, poultry as well as sea foods before they are cooked. Another way to use them is in braising meat during the baking process or when you are frying or roasting the meat. Once the meat has been braised, wine or stock can be incorporated and then thickening and reducing it in order to create a truly tasty sauce. This can be served with various kinds of meals.

There are various kinds of marinade savoury sauce that you can have. These include the following:

·         Chimchirri: This delicious marinade sauce is for beef or lamb with some chilli and South American exotic spices added in.

·         Malay Satay: This flavour goes perfectly with chicken kebabs or prawn. You can create a kebab sauce out of this by mixing coconut oil with the marinade and then cooking it in order to reduce.

·         Moroccan spice: The Moroccan spice is perfect for barbecued chicken and lamb and even kebabs. This sauce can be served with some steaming couscous.

·         Peri Peri: Steaks are marinated and then seared on barbeque. To the left over marinate, some red wine is added and the mixture is then boiled in order to reduce. It is then thickened. Can be served with steak.

·         Sweet Thai Chilli: This can be served with seafood or chicken. It is an eclectic mixture of sesame seeds, various fragrant mixes and various flavours of chilli.

You can order your finger-licking good handmade gourmet marinades from Sticky Fingers – The Food Distributors.

Harissa Chilli Pastes

Chillis play an important role in various kinds of gourmet treats. Not only do they add some flavour to a bland taste but they cannot disguise a not so good smell. You can order various kinds of chilly sauces from Sticky Fingers – The Food Distributors – such as Jalapeño Harissa, Traditional Harissa and Nuclear Harissa. These can be quite hot so they should be used sparingly. They can be served over chicken or seafood.


Dukkahs are handmade in Western Australia by Sticky Fingers from a mixture of almonds, ground aromatic spices and roasted sesame seeds. The best use of them is as dry dips with foods such as Turkish bread, some crunchy rolls and even chicken tenderloins amongst others. They can also be used as coating for meats, pork, and meatballs amongst others.

There are various other kinds of gourmet finger foods that you can try in Australia. Some of the most creative and delicious are made in Western Australia by Sticky Fingers – The Food Distributors. Check them out at

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Finger Food Catering: 5 Reasons it’s a Great Choice Today

Weddings are special occasions and people aim at getting the best of every detail including lighting, music, flowers, venue decorations and food. In most cases, food takes the largest part in a wedding budget. Organizing meals may also be confusing, particularly if you are preparing the meals yourself, or you aim at cutting on cost. One common option of keeping food affordable and simple is to prepare finger food. Finger food is supposed to be taken with hands and not utensils thus very simple to serve and pocket friendly. Below are reasons why finger food catering Melbourne providers offer is popular today:

Pocket friendly

Basically, a range of finger foods are less costly than a meal that is fully catered. If you really want to save on cost, you can do so by preparing the meal yourself. Serving finger food will also help you save on cost as you will not require renting cutlery and much labor to serve. However, it may be important to work with providers of finger food catering Melbourne based, particularly if you want to save on cost. Remember that elaborate finger food reception may be more expensive than simply served meals.

Easy to prepare

As mentioned earlier, most finger foods are easy to prepare, and couples can save money by making the food themselves. However, when this is practically possible, couples may not be able to clearly estimate the amount of food required to feed a large number of people. According to providers of catering Melbourne cbd based, it is important to prepare about 10% more food than the expected head count. This will account for unexpected guests and varied appetites. Basically, if you are having a short list of guests and plan to settle with simpler food, you can plan it yourself.


When you opt for small finger food, you can offer a wide range of culinary treats to your guests to test instead of choosing one or two main dishes. This is very valuable, particularly in large reception with numerous different tastes and multicultural celebrations, which introduce unique foods to everyone.


Finger foods are most ideal for receptions, which fall between usual meal times like early afternoon events or late morning. They are also the most ideal selections for people who aim at having a cost friendly Yarra valley wedding catering. More details at Essential Caterer.


You can serve finger food in either casual or formal wedding depending on your menu selection. Crackers and cheese can be an ideal choice for casual occasions, while more exotic pates might go well in a formal event.

No matter the kind of a wedding you are organizing, finger food catering Melbourne has for you can work perfectly well. Wedding finger food includes a wide variety, which you can choose based on the theme of your wedding. Apart from the traditional pizzas, sandwiches, rolls and quiches, you will have other options to choose from such as chicken teriyaki skewers, coconut shrimp, beef satay, stuffed olives, taquitos, spiced polenta bites, fried artichoke hearts, miniature crab cakes, and toasted ravioli among others. Experienced finger food wedding caterers will offer you a vast menu with amazing options. Visit HTTP://WWW.ESSENTIALCATERER.COM.AU/FINGER-FOOD-MELBOURNE/ today!

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Surprise your guests with sumptuous baked potatoes

On March 10, 2016, a fight ensued between Pertinax and his rival Kiondo over a baked potato. These two gorillas, residents of Devon Zoo, love eating baked potatoes and though their caretakers ensured that both get their equal shares, these gorillas almost came to blows, and it has been amazingly captured in a trail of photographs. Though it may sound absurd, baked potatoes are not just a favourite among people, but their taste appeals to the inmates of a zoo as well. Meanwhile, baked potatoes have always been a favourite among English people. Therefore, the baked potato catering has successfully made its way in all events and celebrations.

The caterers today have incorporated the latest technology in the food processing to deliver baked potatoes that are sumptuous enough to tickle your taste buds and healthy enough so that you can eat without any limits.

Versatility of baked potatoes

Be it a wedding or a corporate business party, or a simple get together, baked potato catering services can bring you the joy of having delicious baked potatoes with almost any filling of your choice to rejuvenate your childhood memories. There is a huge demand for baked potatoes in all kinds of events owing to their great taste and unsurpassable food value. So, today juicy baked potatoes have become a feasible alternative to traditional and dated catering options.

Wedding catering – catering for a wedding is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions that a couple has to make, and bringing about the tight balance in the food menu could be very taxing. With baked potato catering services, you can be safe in knowing that each minute detail can be taken care of by the expert caterers. For this, you have to do a bit of research and find out the most responsive and well reputed catering professionals who have served in hundreds of wedding before. With such a thoughtful event catering in the Midlands, your guests can enjoy the food and remember the day forever as it is absolutely different from traditional wedding catering.

Business and corporate parties – it goes without saying that baked potatoes are loved by all. Even the big corporate houses are looking for a reputed firm which offers services of event catering in Leicester for an alternative menu charged in various flavours of baked and jacket potatoes. It is because people are looking for something unique rather than the predictable boring lunches served in all business meetings. So baked potato caterers come in handy whenever you wish to surprise your guests and employees with a food that is fresh and charming. See more at Good Spuds

Events and party catering – finger buffet which recently made its way into the catering industry has now become a thing of the past. Its place has been taken up by cycling event catering that can serve delicious baked potatoes, which are wholesome, fresh and tasty. This kind of food is also becoming popular in birthday parties, private parties and anniversaries.

If you have to host an upcoming event, then you may give potato catering a chance. Normally, a jacket potato caterer is quite cheaper than a traditional meal caterer. Before hiring any service, you should first find out what they specialise in and then let them know about your various  requirements and then ask for a quote.

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Buffet versus Sit-Down Dinner, the Dilemma of Choosing Wedding Catering Service

When you have finally chosen the catering Melbourne company for your special wedding, the next big question is what type of preparation should you choose for the big day? Well, you have two options; buffet or sit-down dinner. You have already listed down your sponsors, the songs you wish the band would play, your wedding gown, scout for the best possible reception, and of course, conceptualized the theme. One of the most crucial aspects you need to finalize in your wedding preparation is your food. Food is easily one of the biggest attractions in wedding receptions. Guests will remember not just the love you and your partner share, the beauty of the flowers and the décor of your reception, but more importantly, the food you serve. And choosing the dishes you want to be served is not the only important decision you need; you also need to choose between buffet catering and sit-down. If you’re torn between these two, then here are the different factors you can consider, along with their pros and cons, to help yourself arrive with the best decision. Budget This is obviously the biggest factor in this list. Most Melbourne catering companies usually charge higher for the sit-down type. This is because they’ll need more manpower to cook and serve the food, and attend to the need of each of your guests. Obviously, the expenses for food attendants are passed to you – the client. Buffet type, on the other hand, is much easier for the budget since it will not require the catering Melbourne to increase their manpower for your event. Guest’s Food Choices  Buffet obviously gives your guests more freedom to choose the variety of food they want to be on their plate/table. Caterers Melbourne companies will usually set up one or two long tables and arrange the food. Your guests can get as much food as they want, and choose only the food they want. In sit-down, however, your guests will have no choice but to settle for the food being served to them by the attendants. This can be a challenge if a person doesn’t like the dish, or don’t want to eat a specific ingredient present on the plate. Need for Socialization If you want your wedding to be a chance for your guests to socialize, for your friends and families to catch up, then buffer-style offers more flexibility for socialization. This is because they have to stand up and serve themselves with other guests. Guests can walk around and talk to other people from other tables. Sit-down setup, on the other hand, is more formal, limiting people from walking around. It’s the best setup for guests who don’t want to wait in line. Your Wedding Theme If the theme for your reception promotes casual atmosphere, then buffet is the perfect setup for you. Make sure you instruct your organizer to facilitate the function and assign ushers to assist your guests. Check out Essential Caterer. Sit-down dinners, on the other hand, are perfect for more formal atmosphere, great for couples looking for the vibe of elegance on their wedding reception. Your chosen food catering Melbourne provider can work with your wedding coordinator on how to setup the food and blend it nicely with the décor. Planning and preparing for your wedding is indeed stressful, but it’s a fun kind of stress that you will cherish in your marriage life. Do your homework in researching and choosing the best catering Melbourne provider that fits your budget, and the kind of wedding reception you want. For more details visit