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When is Extraction of Permanent Teeth Necessary?

One of the major causes of dental phobia is tooth extraction. The idea of having a tooth pulled out is not one braced by many people. Not only do they fear the pain associated with the procedure, but they also have a fear of losing a valuable part of their body. Even so, circumstances can arise and prompt your dentist to recommend a tooth extraction. Typically, removal of a tooth is done as a last resort, that is, after the dentist has tried other remedies in futility. However, it is worth noting that a tooth extraction is not an agonizing procedure as some of us imagine. If you find a professional dentist Oxley based expert, you can be rest assured that the process shall be tender and efficient till the end.


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There are several reasons why permanent teeth can be extracted. They include:

Severe infection

If tooth decay gets to the pulp, bacterial infection is likely to develop. In most cases the infection can be treated with antibiotics and root canal therapy. However, if the infection is so severe, extracting the tooth might be the most reasonable option. It is done to prevent the spread of the infection. Take note that a professional dentist will try a conservative approach in treating an infection before exploiting the extraction option. Therefore, when choosing a dentist Oxley professional make sure they follow this protocol in repairing decayed teeth.

Risk of infection

If you have a compromised immune system, for instance if you are undergoing organ transplant or chemotherapy, your dentist might recommend extraction of an infected tooth. This is because with reduced defense against disease the tooth infection is not expected to get better and might actually infect the rest of the teeth. Periodontal gum disease – a disease that affect the bones and tissues around the teeth – may be reason enough to pull out your teeth. This disease causes loosening of the teeth.

Crowded mouth and orthodontics

Sometimes teeth can be too large for the mouth and sometimes cause problems. To correct an overcrowded mouth, some teeth might need to be removed. This extraction is then followed by orthodontic procedures including application of braces to align the teeth. Removal of teeth in orthodontic treatment is done systematically and a good dentist Oxley professional will ensure that the jaws remain balanced. He will extract equal number of teeth from each jaw.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last of set in the mouth and they are the last to grow. They usually develop in the late teen years or early 20s. Wisdom teeth will normally come in well just as the rest of the teeth, but some people experience problem with their development. The tooth may remain trapped in the gum and fail to come in at all or it may be impacted meaning it comes in at an incorrect angle. If your Oxley dentist has established any of these two problems, he will recommend extraction of the wisdom tooth.

It is important to understand that a good dentist will use other conservative methods as a first choice before proceeding to extraction. This shows a dentist’s willingness to conserve as many teeth in your mouth as possible. Find dentist in Oxley with top expertise on



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