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Finger Food Catering: 5 Reasons it’s a Great Choice Today

Weddings are special occasions and people aim at getting the best of every detail including lighting, music, flowers, venue decorations and food. In most cases, food takes the largest part in a wedding budget. Organizing meals may also be confusing, particularly if you are preparing the meals yourself, or you aim at cutting on cost. One common option of keeping food affordable and simple is to prepare finger food. Finger food is supposed to be taken with hands and not utensils thus very simple to serve and pocket friendly. Below are reasons why finger food catering Melbourne providers offer is popular today:

Pocket friendly

Basically, a range of finger foods are less costly than a meal that is fully catered. If you really want to save on cost, you can do so by preparing the meal yourself. Serving finger food will also help you save on cost as you will not require renting cutlery and much labor to serve. However, it may be important to work with providers of finger food catering Melbourne based, particularly if you want to save on cost. Remember that elaborate finger food reception may be more expensive than simply served meals.

Easy to prepare

As mentioned earlier, most finger foods are easy to prepare, and couples can save money by making the food themselves. However, when this is practically possible, couples may not be able to clearly estimate the amount of food required to feed a large number of people. According to providers of catering Melbourne cbd based, it is important to prepare about 10% more food than the expected head count. This will account for unexpected guests and varied appetites. Basically, if you are having a short list of guests and plan to settle with simpler food, you can plan it yourself.


When you opt for small finger food, you can offer a wide range of culinary treats to your guests to test instead of choosing one or two main dishes. This is very valuable, particularly in large reception with numerous different tastes and multicultural celebrations, which introduce unique foods to everyone.


Finger foods are most ideal for receptions, which fall between usual meal times like early afternoon events or late morning. They are also the most ideal selections for people who aim at having a cost friendly Yarra valley wedding catering. More details at Essential Caterer.


You can serve finger food in either casual or formal wedding depending on your menu selection. Crackers and cheese can be an ideal choice for casual occasions, while more exotic pates might go well in a formal event.

No matter the kind of a wedding you are organizing, finger food catering Melbourne has for you can work perfectly well. Wedding finger food includes a wide variety, which you can choose based on the theme of your wedding. Apart from the traditional pizzas, sandwiches, rolls and quiches, you will have other options to choose from such as chicken teriyaki skewers, coconut shrimp, beef satay, stuffed olives, taquitos, spiced polenta bites, fried artichoke hearts, miniature crab cakes, and toasted ravioli among others. Experienced finger food wedding caterers will offer you a vast menu with amazing options. Visit HTTP://WWW.ESSENTIALCATERER.COM.AU/FINGER-FOOD-MELBOURNE/ today!

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