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Hair Extentions in Bondi – Get Natural Long Flowing Hair

The world of personal care, and in particular hair care, has constantly seen new frontiers being created. Products and processes are being developed and redeveloped with the aim of giving people the freedom to spruce up their appearance and look their absolute beautiful best all the time. The concept of hair extensions has been quite old. Women who like their hair long have been adopting different means to do it like weaving and taping. Hence, the beauty salons which provide services of Hair Extentions in Bondi wide offer unique ways of adding length, lustre and glory to your hair.

Purpose Same, Processes Different

At the primary level, hair extension is meant to attach additional length to the existing hair. The new long hair looks the same in colour and texture, and the normal eye cannot even detect that the hair length has been extended. But the processes employed to achieve this result could vary.

A lot of research is regularly conducted in this field. The selection of hair to do the attachment job is done quite carefully. The trade identifies different types of hair available the world over. The Indian Remy hair, for example, is quite popular. This is natural human hair, which is bought at auctions and then processed to obtain the strands that get used in the Hair Extentions in Bondi salons provide. Russian hair also gets used and could cost more than the Indian one. The actual procedure is handled by an expert, and it could take more than a couple of hours.

The weaving, taping and fusing methods are used by different professionals. Whichever process is chosen, the experts try and give a smooth finish to the hair and if the person takes care of the hair after the extension is done, it can remain in the same condition for over a year. Some processes permit a person to remove the extension when not needed and retain the shorter hair. The person can come back for the next sitting of hair extension when needed. The process also takes care of the basic nature of hair like straight or curly and when the hair extension process is completed, the same look is retained.

Care of Hair after Extension Very Important

It is important that after having invested in getting a hair extension done, you should take good care of your hair. The expert who performed the procedure or the salon would generally offer advice on the dos and don’ts so that you preserve the hair and also enjoy the shine and strength. There would be many tips that the salons which offer services of Hair Extentions in Bondi wide could recommend. Among them, washing the hair with warm water is always suggested. This would ensure that the extensions are not damaged. Another caution would be to avoid creating any friction or allowing the hair to get tangled. That could again weaken the extension and reduce its life. Allowing the hair to go dry would also be risky since it could lead to damaging or breaking the hair. So the expert recommendation would be to apply some good oil every now and then.

Hair extensions are a common procedure many women would go for to have long flowing natural hair since it adds to their self-confidence and they must choose the best clinic to get it done.

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