Why corporate flu vaccinations are necessary

Approximately 20% of Australians are affected by influenza yearly. Also there are an estimated 18000 Australian workers being hospitalized each year due to flu-related illness, 150000 lost work days and a total of 300000 visits to the doctor. It’s no secret influenza can be quite debilitating to not only the individuals that catch it but to the people around them as well and the business and the state at large. This is because people suffering from flu may need to take up to 6 days leave from work to recover which impacts negatively on the production of an organization. Similarly, the employees who will need to cover the workload will get affected because they have double work to do. Hence, there is a lot on their plates, and they may not accomplish it to taste. Corporate flu vaccinations Sydney clinics offer come as a solution to this catastrophe.

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Why you need a workplace vaccination program

Organizations that conduct corporate flu vaccination for their employees stand to benefit a lot from taking such a step. Research shows that healthy working adults that have been vaccinated against flu have almost half the number of doctor visits as well as sick days in comparison to those that have been unvaccinated. This, therefore, ensures that productivity is not affected. Besides, this is cost saving in the long run. In fact, workplace vaccination programs are said to bring a significant return on investments, especially in times when there is a severe influenza pandemic. Corporate flu vaccinations in Sydney are estimated to be 70%-80% effective in preventing influenza among adults. The immunity lasts up to a year, and the recommended time for vaccinations is autumn before the outbreak of winter given that immunity develops two weeks after the vaccination.

How to ensure success of a vaccination program in the workplace

 To implement successful Sydney corporate flu vaccinations, proper communication is the key. This is because the employees will need the right information that is timely so that they can make good decisions regarding the same. Some of the relevant information includes breaking the common myths on flu and replacing them with facts. Also giving them tips on proper hygiene relevant to preventing flu will also be useful. You can make the program accessible to workers by conducting convenient corporate flu vaccinations Sydney wide, that too onsite and catering for shift workers and using online booking systems where appropriate.

Choosing a vaccination provider

It’s critical you find corporate flu vaccinations in Sydney from a reliable provider who is appropriate for the job for success of a vaccination program. Some of the things you need to look at are their ability to provide onsite service, whether they have qualified personnel, their compliance with the national vaccine storage guidelines, whether they are in possession of the appropriate and applicable service permits relevant in storing and administering vaccines as well as reliability.

 By having your workers vaccinated with corporate flu vaccinations Sydney clinics offer, not only will you be protecting your workers and their families from contracting the flu, but you will be helping to stop the spread of the flu to their families as well.

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